Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Change of heart

Ever since surgery I've been growing increasingly more fond of one of the nurses at my Dr's office. I was not a fan before. I wouldn't say I disliked her, say, as much as the Vikings, but you know.
She seemed really abrasive to me, but she's growing on me. She has some good things to say to talk me off my ledge. Which, as President and CEO of Crazy Town is needed quite often.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been having these pains in my stomach. I can actually feel the port which is kind of weird for me. And I know the pain is surrounding the port. Of course, the first thing I thought was that I was dyeing. The port probably exploded and was cutting me from the inside out and I only had moments to live. (OBVIOUSLY, because that's rational.)

When I called today, I said it was kind of odd to me that I was in almost perfect shape the first two weeks of the surgery and now all of a sudden I'm having these pains and episodes I expected to have immediately after the surgery.
She said that the first two weeks after surgery I was probably in a honeymoon phase. Which actually made sense to me. She said I was SO anxious about the surgery that I was just so happy to be alive I wasn't thinking about anything else.
The other thing she said was "Oh hey there Nic...you have a foreign body in your body in case you forgot. Your body is healing and probably trying to fight it a little, so yeah, I would expect you to be sore there."

Also known as "Turn the lightbulb on so you can see you dummy".