Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome New Year

Wow. This is going to be a big year. I will be married in 10 months. And I hopefully will be skinny when it happens.

As of today, it's officially been one month since my surgery. And as of today, I weigh in at 258. Still staying right around the same I've been for a while, but that's ok. Tomorrow I am supposed to have my first fill. Although, I don't remember what time my appt is so that may have to be pushed back. Actually, the way I feel about my doctor, he should pretty much just be at my beck and call. Whenever I show up, he should just be ready for me. I figure he kind of owes me.
I'm still having some pain. Quite a bit around where my port is. The nurse said it's normal and it has been fairly manageable. I want to ask the doctor for some more liquid oxycodone, but I'm worried he's going to think that I am a druggie. I only take it at night and it really helps me sleep since that pain is managed. Maybe if I go in there and show him that I have no track marks and show him my bank account is empty, he'll understand that I do just want it for the pain.
I'm also going to head back to the gym this week. Just going to do some walking on the treadmill I think. At least until the pain around the port settles down.

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