Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gorilla warfare in my belly

So yesterday I had my first not so nice experience since the surgery. They were not telling tall tales--it really is important to eat slowly and eat SMALL bites.
I actually was starving yesterday evening so I made some beans and cheese and ate it like there was no tomorrow.

Then it was like Vietnam in my belly.
I tried to burp and I couldn't, it hurt. Because my belly was so full I couldn't even swallow any air to make myself burp and feel better. Believe it or not, that's kind of a scary feeling.

This is going to be really hard for me, because I like to eat. I like it alot. And I like to eat large quantities of food. Plus it's like a race because the faster you eat, the more you can get in your belly before you feel full. (Lessons in Obesity, the title of my new book)

In related news, someone at work told me today that I seem much happier after my surgery. Which is kind of strange because, personally, I feel like I have less of a fuse than before (which, in relation to work is hardly possible). I mean, I'm happier in the sense that I have hope and the hope of one day getting out of plus sizes. On the other hand, food made me really happy before. It was my BFF, my pen pal, my long lost siamese twin. And I do miss it. Being able to stop at taco bell on the way home and drown my sorrows in a cheesy bean burrito is something that was wonderful comfort.

Still trying to find something to replace that comfort...right now it's yelling at my sales reps. So far, it's working nicely, but I know I will have to come up with something different soon enough.

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