Saturday, December 4, 2010

Full of hot air

Or just air in general. I'm still doing ok. Still generally not in a lot of pain from the actual incisions. Yesterday I over did it a little. Was feeling good so I went to Target with my mom. My alter ego apparantly is NOT SuperWoman because that was a little much.
Since I started really moving around more the gas pains are really getting to me. When they do the surgery, the doctor pumps air into you so he can see better.

I mean really, couldn't he just have put some glasses on or something? I feel like Violet from Willy Wonka, except I'm not filled with blueberry juice.

The gas pains have been getting worse. I had been eating Gas X pills like they were candy, but they weren't really doing much. I sent Nils to the store for the Gas X strips and within 5 seconds of taking those I felt relief. Don't know why the difference, seems random, but I don't care, it worked!!!! 
Some of you have asked a little more about the surgery. Here's a good and simple website. Doesn't give a TON of detail, but it describes it pretty well.

In non WLS news, one of the cats is peeing outside the litterbox again.

Hey, Cats, I get it. I wouldn't want to pee in a box either, but the other option is for you to learn how to use the toilet. Which I don't see happening.
Two of the cats have histories of bladder infections, but the vet has no openings today so I can't take them in to get checked. I'm not sure if one of them is protesting or if something is wrong. Although, I am unsure what they would be protesting? Their wonderful food? Their abundance of furry cat beds? The fact that they get treated better than most humans I encounter?

I hate that I have to wait until Tuesday morning now. But at least I'll be able to take both of them in and get it over with.

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