Friday, December 3, 2010

That was it?

Yesterday was surgery day. We got to the hospital at 650 am. I was surprisingly not nervous. I knew it would hit me later though. Like a ton of bricks. Or like that anvil from the old cartoons.

Got all settled in and the nurse came to take my vitals, put my IV in, and as she was leaving she patted me on the leg and said "We're going to take good care of you."
BAM! Lost it. Bawled my eyes out. And then she said "Ohhh honey you're going to qualify for them extra good drugs!"

About 845 the doctor came in and asked if I had any last minute questions. I just shook my head as the tears welled up. BAM! More waterworks. He kind of just grinned and said I was in good hands. Then the anasthesiologist came in. It was like fricken Niagra Falls up in there by that point.We talked...actually what happened was she talked and I shook my head while I was drowning the room in tears. She should have brought her water wings.

Then I got some nice relaxing medicine in my IV. I was half asleep by the time they got me to the OR. Once in the OR I met a few more nice nurses and they put the mask on me and then..........

.......I don't know what happened, do you?  Because then I woke up in recovery. IN ZERO PAIN. For reals. The recovery room nurse asked how my pain was on a scale of 1-10 and I told her zero and she looked at me like I was crazy. Then I remember if asking her if I had a catheter in and she said no. And I went "Yayyyyy for no catheters" and then I fell asleep again.

I was in and out from that point until they decided to move me to a room where I basically just needed to wake up. Still in no pain. When I got up to walk around I felt the first twinge, but really, it felt like I had done 90 billion situps. I just felt like my muscles were sore. I was shocked. As was everyone else that I wasn't in any pain. I must have a really high threshold. I remember not being in any pain when I had my breast reduction too, but I thought that was just because I had good drugs.

The one thing I will say that was icky about my experience was the nurses when I was in my actual room. The first one, while very very nice and patient, she was kind of a wishy washy little thing. I asked her what the best way to get out of bed was the first time. She said it was up to me. (thanks for the guidance, i see that RN school did you well). Then I asked her if I needed to keep my circulation massager things on my calves since I was up and walking. Again, it was up to me. Seeing as how my care was completely up to me, I must have an RN degree and didn't know it. So, if you ever need RN advice, I'd be happy to help.

Around 330-4pm I was ready to be discharged so I called the nurse. And a new one showed up. She didn't even introduce herself. I had to ask her if she was my new nurse. (And she still didn't even tell me her name). I told her I wanted to go home. She said she'd go check. So she came back and said the Dr was in surgery and we'd have to wait. I said that's fine, no biggie, I just know that the pharmacy downstairs closes at 6pm, so if we start to get near to that time we've got to figure something out. She looked me dead in the eye and VERY patronizing said " The doctor is in SURGERY. Do you understand what that means?" And I looked her in the eye and said "I'm a 30 year old woman who does not need to be patronized and I am not stupid."
(She's lucky I didn't get out of that bed and slap her right upside the head.)
Anyways, I finally got discharged about 5. And I basically spent the rest of the night sleeping.

This morning I feel just about the same. Just sore. I'm going to stop the oxycodone today and just use the liquid tylenol I think. The waiting now is going to be the hardest part. As much as I wanted to wake up this morning automatically a size 6, that didn't happen. I'm really confident I am going to be able to follow the eating plan to the letter.

I just can't wait to start seeing that scale go down. I finally have hope again.


  1. I don't know what all you have to do after, but I'm looking forward to hopefully hearing more funny stories out of your journey and celebrating the victories!

    Hearts from Canada! Home of some of the greatest musical acts that ever lived! (I totally could not say that with a straight face..)

  2. You just keep your crappy bands to yourself up there. There should be a law against letting them cross the border.