Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well shoot, I wish I would have thought about this first....

Tomorrow is surgery day. I'm ready. I'm feeling good. I am also ready to punch someone. If one more person asks me "Have you thought this through?" or "Do you know that you're going to have this for the rest of your life?" or "That's a little much don't you think?"

Look, you assholes, those are inappropriate (and stupid might I add) questions. Of COURSE I've thought this through. Actually, just kidding, I didn't. I woke up yesterday morning and thought "Hey, you know what might be fun? Getting put out for an hour, having a doctor stab me a few times, and making my stomach the size of an egg. You know, my typical Thursday routine."

I have been seeing the doctor for 6 months prior to this, not that it's any of your business. I plan on getting healthy, also none of your business. Just like it's none of MY business that you are going to continue to gain 30 lbs every year by eating an entire pizza by yourself for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

But...who am I to judge.


  1. OMG TOMORROW. I will be sending well-wishes to you ALL DAY. And I think you are very brave for doing this, and doing so HONESTLY. You're honest about why you've made the decision, and about the struggles you're going to face. So, right on! I'll be rootin' for ya!