Monday, January 17, 2011

Fire in the hole

Not really. Because if that were true I'd be one happy camper.

For the most part, there hasn't been anything to report. I've been holding at the same weight. Still hungry. Probably eating more than I should be, but really trying to watch it. I get my second fill next Monday. I'm still a little nervous because I still have this pain in my left side. It's the same pain, in the same spot that landed me in the emergency room. I can only assume it's gas. (Now you get the fire in the hole reference, don't you?)

It comes and goes as does the intensity. Friday evening I was in a lot of pain again. Not as bad as the ER visit, but that may have been because I knew what it was this time? 
At any rate, it's not as bad as it was, but it's still there...nagging...every time I take a deep breath, every time I have to sneeze....

I don't know what's causing it...I can't pin it on a specific food.
Normally I would have no problem just hitting up my GP and asking for an xray or some advice, but it's a new year, which means a new insurance deductible has to be met. My deductible is $800. I suppose, maybe it would make sense for me to just do it and get the deductible portion over with. Then any future issues I won't have so much concern. I know! Maybe I'll just move to Europe until this is all over. Because clearly that would cost me less money? Smart idea, genius.

In other news, we have a crap load of snow here in Milwaukee. It blows. 

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