Sunday, January 9, 2011

These are the shakes of your life...

I'm really tired of tuna. Like, I swear to god, if I see another can of tuna, I'm either going to turn into a tuna or murder someone. I feel like when people look at me all they see is tuna. And the above is not attractive. I mean, I hate Lady Ga Ga, so the thought of wearing tuna like she wore her meat dress makes me want to kick someone.
So I'm kind of struggling with high protein things to eat. When I do actually feel like eating, I either feel like I'm eating the same things over and over again, or I'm feeling guilty because I'm eating something that doesn't have protein, like cans of mandarin oranges. I know that I have to take a chill pill (who prescribes those by the way? )

And then I was sitting here tonight watching the Packers kick the Eagles ass (GO PACK GO) and I was thinking about how terribly I was craving some ice cream.
And THEN...I remembered that I have a whole recipe sheet of yummy protein shakes that I haven't taken advantage of. LIGHT BULB! GENIUS!
*scratches myself behind my ear* "Who's the smartest little protein sucker you know? Yes, you are snookums"

So. I took some milk, some chocolate protein powder, half a banana, some ice, some pineapple juice and chunks and made a yummo shake!

Tomorrow I'm going to get some lime juice and some vanilla waffers and throw those in a blender and have me a key lime shake. FUN!
(I already know I need a life, no sense in pointing it out)

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