Thursday, January 13, 2011


Like little children in Ethiopia. (too far?) I'm so hungry all the time. I don't get my next fill for two more weeks. This made me ponder something.
I'm feeling now, how I felt before the surgery, which got me to the weight I was...hungry all the time. Never satisfied, no matter how much protein I eat.
So, what this made me ponder, is how do normal skinny people do it? I mean, normal people, who don't have weight issues and who haven't had weight loss surgery.
Why is it that I feel hungry all the time? Do they? Do they ignore it? Do they have a way to conquer it? Are they actually NOT feeling hungry? If they don't feel hungry, what's so special about them? Is there a certain food that they eat that helps? They say protein is supposed to keep you full, but I'm eating protein like it's going out of style, and it's not helping as much as I'd hoped. If there is something that's helping them stay full, why are they not sharing it? Why are they hogging all the skinniness? And in all these years of medicinal progress where we have figured out a way to do practically anything, how have we not figured out a way to cure the hunger feeling, short of a lobotomy?

So. Many. Questions.

I mean, that's no way to go through life...feeling an empty belly all the time. It's miserable. Just ask those kids in Ethiopia.


  1. I often wonder am I interpreting something else as I just empty and not hungry....what if its just that Im empty and thirsty...maybe aliens laid eggs and poop in my head while I was sleeping...

  2. OMG you're killing me! LOL That cracked me up!

  3. Nicole, I don't know if this applies to you but for's all about carbs. I'm always hungry when I eat a lot of carbs. When I cut them out, my appetite goes out the window. I have to force myself to eat lately sometimes. I've lost 10 lbs (but put back on 1.5 over the holidays so now I'm holding at 8.5 lost) by using the South Beach diet. I thought maybe a drug that I was using was helping too...but I stopped taking that about three weeks ago and still, no big appetite like I used to have. I used to crave sugar and bread/pasta/rice. Now I don't. If you read the South Beach diet book it explains the chemistry behind this.

    The other thing I would suggest is that you're bored. When I'm busy I don't think about food. When I'm bored it's all I think about. Even if you're at work and busy--if you don't like your work--you're going to think about food. But...this has always been my big question about weight loss surgery. It's the fear that the appetite & emotional need for food is not going away, but then you can't physically eat to satisfy it. I always thought that would be a huge problem. I hope it gets better for you! Sorry if I'm behind here...just catching up on your blog.