Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Have a productive kind of day!

Yikes. Well THAT wasn't pleasant. I just had my first experience with "productive burping". I think it's hysterical that it got named that. Who was the first person that called it that? Let's just call a chicken a chicken and a duck a duck people. It's throwing up, upchucking, losing your lunch, blowing gravy, etc etc.

I had some chicken sausage for lunch. I either ate too quickly or didn't chew enough...or probably a combination of both. I can always tell when I've done that. My chest gets tight and hurty and I actually get a headache on the right side of my head. There must be some weird nerve or something that connects my "you ate too much" button to my head. I've never had it go this far though. I was sitting at my desk and it started to hurt. Then you know what happens when you like salivate when you're about to nom on something awesome? You get that extra saliva thing going on? That's what happened and I was like "THERE SHE BLOWS!!!"

So I ran to the bathroom and let it all out.
It felt better, but I don't want to do that again. It's not fun. Plus chicken sausage doesn't look so awesome the second time.


  1. It's not really throwing up because the food hasn't yet mixed with your stomach acid, therefore PB :) it's a weird thought tho.

  2. Nothing looks good coming back up. sometimes I'm surprised at how things look when their staring back at me in the toilet.

    Don't ever throw up chocolate. It's. The. Worst. Thing. EVER!!